Mossuto’s Market is So Much More

While driving along Rt. 35 in Wall, I had noticed a sign at the entrance to Perkins that says “Pizza – Bar” above the Perkins sign. I had passed it countless times and never gave it much notice. One day a friend said she was meeting someone for lunch at Mossuto’s Market. She said it was a deli that has a restaurant. When I asked where it was, I learned that that it was where that sign was. Pizza – Bar – Deli – Restaurant – Market? What is this place? A few weeks later the same friend raved about a wood fired pizza the she shared with her husband at the same location. She also mentioned that she brought home fresh homemade ravioli that were the best ever.20150501_191338

A short time later my wife and I went there with our friend and her husband. It was all true. You walk in and there are a few tables and a counter. Behind that is a market with a deli counter and display case of aged steaks and Berkshire Pork and a refrigerator with homemade pasta. There is an adjacent bar and a good size rectangular bar it is. Past the bar there is a dining room with a wall full of wine bottles. The host and hostess who greeted us at the entry were very friendly. We were shown to our table. The vibe in this place is family friendly, upbeat and lively. The menu is Italian traditional and the specials which were read to us showed creativity on the part of the chef. However, we were there for the pizza.

The pizza is cooked at 700 degrees in a wood fired oven. The crust is surprisingly light and airy around the edges and has a nice charred quality. We tried the Margherita and also the zucca, which is a combination of zucchini, caramelized 20150501_181503onions, ricotta salata and fresh mozzarella drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Both were exceptional.

There is almost nothing on the menu that I would not hesitate to order. The pork chop Milanese has brought many raves as have the aged steaks. The pasta dishes are all good choices too. One special that was offered on a second visit was squid ink pasta served with swordfish and other seafood – perfect for the adventuresome palate.

Mossuto’s Market is the name on the façade of the building. If you enjoyed your steak or chop, you can get one to bring home to grill yourself. The homemade raviolis are the best I have found in the area. They are round and full of creamy ricotta with no thick doughy edges. The bar is abuzz with a local crowd that comes for the craft beers on tap, a nice selection of wines by the glass as well as cocktails. There is plenty of parking in the rear as well as the front.

Mossuto’s Market – restaurant – bar – deli – pizza and catering, despite it’s multi-monikers, does not seem to suffer one bit from identity crisis. In fact it creates an eclectic experience that draws people in to the family friendly atmosphere. It is living proof of the value of word of mouth advertising. How else would anyone know that a hidden gem exists within a place called Pizza – Bar on the outside?

4 thoughts on “Mossuto’s Market is So Much More

  1. Dropped by on a weekday afternoon. Bought some ravioli, had a pizza & a beer. The pizza was spot on and delicious. The draft beer selection was only barely OK. I’m not a fan of Beach Haus & would much rather have found Kane or Carton. I completely enjoyed everything but was not impressed with the overall value.

    • Wayne, I think the pizza is a good buy for 13.00 because you are paying for quality ingredients. The bar will easily run the tab up. Try Coal House across the street. The pizza is very good too and you can bring whatever you want to drink. I think Mossuto’s serves the Beach Haus to support the local brewery in Belmar. I found the IPA a little too bitter with hops and I love a good IPA. Flying Fish is one of my favs. It was the first time I tried the Beach Haus. Who serves the two you mentioned? Thanks for your comment!

      • Thanks for the tip on Coal House.

        Kane & Carton are available on draft at a number of local places. Porta & Brick Wall & The Bar Room & Kitchen come to mind. Pour House occasionally. Piccola Italia has had both. Main Street used to have Kane when they were worth a stop. Kane is in Ocean & Carton is in Atlantic Highlands – both are open for tastings and growler fills most weekends.

        • Thanks for the info Wayne. I will have to stop in Kane. I am in Ocean frequently. Atlantic Highlands is a day trip for me and I do not get there often anymore. Even though my youth was spent at my Grandmothers in the Highlands. When I have my first Kane I will raise it to you.

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