4 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Liz Adinaro says:

    Thanks for th nice words gary, Imposted your blog on our site! :)

  2. Barbara WHITWORTH says:

    My husband and I recently ate at Spikes in Point Pleasant. We had delicious crab cakes. We did ask where they get their shrimp and unfortunately the answer was CHINA!!!!!! BOTTOM LINE: YOU STILL HAVE TO ASK.

    • I hate that. Support US fishing. When they say “tiger shrimp” that is always a clue. Coincidentally my wife and her friend were there a few days ago. My wife ordered beer battered cod. She asked the server how it was made because they do not fry anything. She said she did not know. She brought half of it home. It was fried somewhere else I guess. I prefer going to Shore Fresh Seafood but I buy my shrimp at The Crab Shack in Brick. Spike is not a favorite of mine. Thanks for you comment.

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