Coal House in Wall

Our endless search for conveniently located BYOB eateries, brought us to Coal House in Wall Township,  located at Sea Girt Square on Rt. 35. Coal House is one of two locations, the other being in Point Pleasant Beach.  They feature pizza cooked in a real coal fired oven at nearly 1000 degrees. The result is a thin, crisp pizza with a nice char to the crust.

We have visited Coal House on several occasions and despite their offerings of Panini’s and and daily specials, we are addicted to the pizza and only look at the menu to aid our denial. The experience ends far too quickly as I attack the pizza as if I had not eaten for days. I have always opted foCoal House Di Cippolar the Coal House original which is a simple Margherita style with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and a chiffonade of basil. This weekend I was able to break away and try something different – the De Cippola.

The De Cippola begins as the basic original but added is prosciutto and fresh arugula. The arugula is added after baking and the slight bitterness and crisp coolness compliment the salty prosciutto perfectly. This creation has entered the realm in my mind of best things I ever ate. Yes I think it is that good. They have several other choices also but I am already dealing with two addictions.

Coal House is always busy and reservations are highly recommended. It is a BYOB but also an OYOB. (open your own bottle) That is because Wall has some weird law on the books that forbids servers from opening wine bottles. I don’t know if that applies to every place or if there is a separate opening permit available. Very puzzling.  They will give you a cork screw but I bring my own.

I have one criticism about Coal House and that is the lack of appetizers. Despite offering seven different salads on the menu there is not a single starter. Not even the usual mussels, clams oreganaphoto (8)ta or fried calamari. They do offer chickens wings but they are not on the menu. I find this very strange.

I have to give a high score to the service staff here. They have always been cheerful and attentive. On one occasion we were told we did not need a reservation for four. When the place got busier than anticipated they automatically held a table for us knowing we were on our way. That is notably exceptional customer service. There is always the presence of an owner overseeing the daily operation.

We are looking forward to returning very soon.


A Big Shout Out to Brandon of Lenny’s Colonial Ranch Market in Brick for Excellent Customer Service.

Lenny’s Colonial in Brick is where we buy most of our meat. They have the best Italian sausage anywhere along with top quality beef, pork and poultry. They also have a deli with an endless selection of sumptuous prepared food.

One of the reasons we go here is the excellent service. This was reinforced to me this weekend. My wife spoke to Brandon regarding an issue with a product that is not made by Lenny’s, just sold there. Brandon, the owner exceeded far beyond what was necessary to resolve the issue. It showed us that keeping customers happy is paramount in his business philosophy. I am writing this to spread the word and to say thank you from my wife, myself and the friends who we placed the order for.


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