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Four Winds in Manasquan is a Welcome Experience

The Four Winds is to the post office a restaurant in Manasquan. They serve generous portions of American and Italian Cuisine If you are looking for the quintessential American restaurant that serves straightforward creations made from fresh ingredients, Four Winds in Manasquan is a great choice. If you are looking for small artistic creations served on a giant plate in a contemporary setting, look elsewhere. The kitchen at Four Winds is known for steaks and fresh […] Continue reading →

An Evening at Brando’s Citi Cucina in Asbury Park

brandos sign We went to Brando’s Citi Cucina in Asbury Park with pumped up expectations based on all we had read. However, Brando’s proved that our expectations were not over inflated. The experience certainly lived up to the establishment’s stellar reputation. Brando’s Citi Cucina in Asbury Park is located on the southeast corner of Main St and […] Continue reading →

Dining at Esposito’s of Manasquan

Espositos The sign on the facade simply says “Esposito’s – Pizza and Pasta” which does not really describe the creativity that takes place in the kitchen of what I would describe as an Italian Trattoria. Not just any trattoria but one that produces excellent Italian food, creatively prepared from the best ingredients. As a trattoria that […] Continue reading →

Blessed is a Great Jersey Shore Bakery

We lost our favorite Jersey Shore bakery when we moved from the Jersey Shore to Clearwater, Florida. It became a sad reality that there were no family operated bakeries to be found anywhere in western Florida. If we wanted a crumb cake, hard roll or cannoli we were forced to go to the bakery department […] Continue reading →