About Us

Our founder and editor, Gary is a professional freelance writer whose family roots go back generations at the Monmouth County shore. He spent his img026summers as a young boy fishing and crabbing from the dock that was near the Highlands drawbridge next to Bahrs Landing, where he learned to love seafood. As time went on Gary and his wife Laura dined at countless well known restaurants in New York, LA, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami and other locations. Despite a love for gourmet cuisine he also enjoys a sausage and pepper sandwich or a slice of pizza just as much. He is also a very accomplished cook in his own right spending much time in the kitchen at home or over the grill. He is also an avid surf fisherman who enjoys cooking his catch. His passion for good food is displayed here.

Tassia is our independent restaurant reviewer. She has also dined at many of the finest restaurants in the US but also enjoys eating a Whitehouse sub while driving up the parkway; a feat that takes years of practice. She loves a rainy day at the shore where a hot bowl of seafood bisque is her best friend. Her big heart makes it impossible for her to say anything bad about anyone which makes himg065er a good fit for this site and its always positive philosophy. If she does not like a place where she eats she will say nothing at all. She may point out an area where improvement is needed but only if she likes you.

This is Abigull Vander Beak our advice columnist. She will answer any questions you may have regarding the Jersey Shore. If you want to know where to find an ingredient for a recipe, ask her. If you want to know if a img048
place is busy on a particular night, she may even do a fly over for you. She is a laughing gull who only has color in the summer like the rest of the beach crowd. Her head turns snow white in the winter when she adds a scarf and earmuffs to her attire. When you hear laughing gulls laugh they are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you. Why? You feed them and then they mess up your car. Abigull is not a panhandler. She has an important job.

Our guests are our most valuable contributors to this site. We want to know what you think about anyplace and encourage you to share what you know with us and the other readers.