Welcome to Eat Along the Shore

Sea Girt Surf in Fall  with an Empty Beach.

Sea Girt Surf in Fall with an Empty Beach.

This is the first post on this site that hardly anyone will read because nobody knows we are here yet. But if you are one that reads into the archives or just found us before we went public, let me tell you about us.

If you are the type of person that loves a slice of boardwalk pizza as much as the latest fusion cuisine from a well-known local chef, this is your place to visit. If savor a rainy day with a cup of chowder in your car by the inlet as well as cocktails on the deck overlooking the bay, you belong here. This site is about people like you that live to walk the beach on a cloudy, windy day to see what they can find and breathe the briny air that results from rough surf. People who insist of eating seasonally and locally.

We will tell you about places to eat from our own experience. We will not trash a local restaurant because of a bad day or a server who is having one. This site is about fun and enjoyment. We would not want our hard work ruined by comments so suggestions will be the extent of critique. We appreciate those places that have outlasted the recessions, trends, generations and survived superstorm Sandy. We have a special place for them, deservedly so.

We sincerely welcome you to our site and hope we can keep you informed and entertained at the same time. Good eating.